The Home Debrief

PSFK’s Home Debrief, developed in partnership with The Atlantic, examines how a new generation of connected technologies are changing the ways that residents communicate and cohabit with one another. From synchronized control ecosystems to ongoing monitoring platforms, residents and their relationships are not only prioritized, but empowered and fully optimized in the home. Our full report contains expert insights about the benefits of these connected systems, as well as best-in-class examples, key consumer implications and actionable strategies for better home design, implementation and experiences.

Published September 2017

Summary Presentation

Featured in the 36 page report:
  • 9 trends powering changes in home living
  • 27 best-in-class examples showcasing residential empowerment and elevated peace-of-mind
  • Key insights on the impacts of residential routines, homelife and intrapersonal relations
  • Exclusive thought-leadership and interviews from industry experts and home technology designers from Nest, LifeEdited & IFTTT
  • A 30 + page presentation deck
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Private Presentations

The team at PSFK Labs can present tailored versions of the findings of the report to private corporate teams and at public events. To book an in-person presentation, contact reports@psfk.com.

Team Workshops

Turn the trends into action, with a PSFK Workshop. Customized specifically for your business' goals, needs and culture, this is a two-day intensive, hands-on dive into the ideas and trends in our reports, with a focus on implementing them for your own business or clients. Your team will leave not just inspired and informed, but ready to take action. To discuss a private workshop contact reports@psfk.com.


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