Human-Centered Retail

Increasingly, the physical store and human associates are functioning as tools for brands and retailers to interact with shoppers, allowing for engagement and entertainment that builds strong, emotional connections in a way that cannot be done online alone.

This research presentation takes into consideration emerging shopper behavior, mindsets and needs to outline key trends and actionable steps for retailers and brands to design physical stores that encourage visits, engage shoppers and complement the hybrid nature of retail today.

Published March 2020

This 71-page PDF presentation includes:

  • Consumer insights illustrating what today's shoppers want most from store experiences
  • 10 trends in physical and virtual store experience and design, from immersive discovery and co-creation opportunity to value-added service and on-demand support
  • 21 trend-supporting exemplary case studies
  • 4 actionable takeaways for retailers and brands in any category to build engaging and successful store experiences


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