Improving Retail Operations Through Next-Gen Technology

As retailers evolve in an increasingly omnichannel world, they face pressure from all sides: high supply chain costs, an unprecedented level of customer expectation for speed and a shortage of labor. This research paper provides best-in-class examples of how automation technologies have become the answer to challenges across the value chain, delivering better results at a lower cost in less time. 

With unemployment hitting a record low and workers facing an abundance of job choices, retailers are struggling to fill and maintain positions on both the front- and back-end. Automated technologies have stepped in with solutions that replace, assist, and engage employees, from providing an immersive training to simplifying shift management. 

On the consumer-facing end, automated devices help retailers to meet consumers in-moment needs throughout their customer journey. Technologies such as sensors and image recognition allow customers to discover and purchase products at their own pace, while automated guided vehicles and mobile robots allow retailers to build more efficient fulfillment systems that deliver upon consumer demand for speed and convenience.

Published November 2019

This 18-page report includes:

  • 11 trends that outline how retailers spanning verticals are employing tech like AI and robotics to address challenges across the value chain
  • 36 trend-supporting exemplary case studies
  • Industry stats and insights to support further research


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