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Reimagining The In-Store Beauty Experience

The events of 2020 drove consumers to shop online for products spanning retailers and brands in an effort to prioritize both safety and convenience. However, the global increase in digital shopping behaviors leaves in its wake key absences in the beauty shopping experience specific to in-store. In an effort to allow consumers access to their favorite perks of in-store shopping, maximize safety and intrigue, and keep physical retail relevant, beauty brands and retailers are updating their in-store offerings to meet a growing and evolving set of consumer demands.

In optimizing the capabilities physical spaces can afford, beauty shops, brands, and retailers can afford consumers the opportunity to safely and confidently access the components of the in-store shopping experience they’ve come to expect and enjoy. In this research paper, learn how companies are utilizing modern means of product trial, forming strategic partnerships, taking progressive approaches to merchandising, and integrating digital and virtual components into their floor plans. It explores the power of the physical store, and how beauty retailers can rise to the challenges presented by 2020 and respond to the current global climate, while continuing to serve and excite their consumers.

Published February 2021