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Innovating Remote Customer Experience

Thanks to emerging technology and its innovative applications in retail, remote consumer experience across many aspects of the shopper journey had gained momentum even before the global crisis and stay-at-home restrictions of 2020. Now, as the industry adjusts to a new normal with more people than ever before shopping, working and socializing from home, exciting opportunities and creative strategies are emerging for brands and retailers to reach, engage, and serve consumers from afar—in many ways, allowing for enhanced experiences and even greater convenience and customer satisfaction.

This research paper explores how innovative brands, businesses and service providers are helping meet consumers’ most pressing needs and desires remotely, examining virtual ways to go to market, provide on-demand support, offer informational resources and healthcare service, and enhance delivery for skyrocketing online ordering—all in ways that keep communities, consumers and employees safe during a time of uncertainty and heightened concern.

This paper is part of the series “Innovating In Crisis,” which dives deep into the innovations driving business strategy, consumer experience and community support during challenging times.

Published June 2020