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A PSFK Guide to New Digital Shopper Marketing Strategies & Tactics

This how-to guide is a digital shopper marketing report on driving purchase consideration with digital shopper marketing that leverages virtual worlds, metaverse experiences, online games, avatar-centric campaigns, and mobile-activated concepts.

As today’s consumer is constantly inundated with content both in-person and online, brands are challenged to not only stand out in a crowded digital marketplace, but also provide genuine moments of intrigue and excitement. Fortunately, advances in technological capabilities have given marketers new tools for better connecting with consumers and creating immersive experiences they’ll be driven to tap into and explore.

This digital shopper marketing research paper explores how brands are using innovative forms of virtual connection to directly communicate with consumers, to provide them with interactive virtual experiences, and in turn, to generate excitement around new products or services. In particular, it details how innovators are pushing the boundaries of digital engagement by creating virtual worlds, metaverse experience, online games, avatar-centric campaigns, and mobile-activated concepts that consumers can easily relate to, and gravitate toward.

Published October 2020