Leveraging Disruptive Technologies In The CPG Landscape

As the consumer product industry becomes increasingly competitive, CPG players are seeking new opportunities and fueling growth through innovative and cutting-edge technologies at every stage in the supply chain, from optimizing the merchandising process to offering tech-enabled post-purchase assistance.

This research paper explores how brands are creatively implementing disruptive technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, facial recognition, 3D printing and near field communication in order to better understand and serve today’s consumers.

Published July 2019

This 12-page report includes:

  • 11 trends featuring best-in-class use of emerging technologies
  • 32 trend-supporting exemplary case studies
  • 14 insights and stats to support further research


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Insights From Leveraging Disruptive Technologies In The CPG Landscape

Analysis Brands Like Nestlé Are Using Blockchain Tech To Improve Transparency

With a focus on openness and accountability, these companies are using the power of the blockchain to keep their customers informed

Analysis How Evian And PepsiCo Are Merging Sustainability And Wellness With Integrated Tech

Taking advantage of the latest advancements, these bottled-drink brands are upgrading the product experience to offer tech-enabled wellness hubs that help consumers achieve healthy-living goals while reducing waste from single-use plastic

Analysis How Food Brands Like Nestlé Are Delivering On Consumers' Unique Tastes

With the power of big data and deep research, companies are now able to create food experiences that are optimized for each unique customer, leveraging accompanying fitness platforms, customized pairing recs and more

Analysis Brands Like Pepsi And Kellogg's Are Using Intelligent Merchandising To Optimize Store Sales

Through AI and VR, tech-led merchandising tracks the way shoppers interact with products, improving the store experience and optimizing sales by stocking the rights items at the right place and time

Analysis How Walgreens Is Bringing Digital Personalization To IRL Campaigns

Taking targeted advertising to the next level, Pepsi and Walgreens both launched tech-forward campaigns tailored to individual consumers in physical locations

Analysis How CPG Names Like Pepsi And KIND Are Reimagining Storytelling With AR

Leading brands are stepping-up the storytelling game with immersive experiences that combine the history of the brand with AR

Analysis How Brands Like Whiskas Are Optimizing AI To Support Consumers' In-Moment Needs

Artificial intelligence technology is letting brands optimize their customer assistance and education at every point on the path to purchase, both in-store and at home

Analysis How Interactive Packaging Bridges The Gap Between Customers And Brands

Using QR codes that activate everything from mobile games to Spotify playlists, innovative CPG brands are further educating and engaging shoppers with tech-enhanced packaging

Related CX Insights

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Wellpay streamlined the time-consuming medical billing process to under 60 seconds

Fintech startup Wellpay creates a virtual payment platform that enables consumers to quickly and securely pay their medical bills. Wellpay helps consumers understand confusing medical billing codes and pay their bills in as little as 60 seconds from receipt using the app.

Health Aetna optimizes the intricate insurance settlement process with AI automation

Health insurance company Aetna developed AI-enabled software to automate the settlement of insurance claims. The software can rapidly analyze myriad intricate healthcare contracts that contain a mix of medical and financial information, minimizing the time, cost, and labor traditionally required by this process.

Shopper Education & Assistance Ethos’ AI-powered personalized insurance plans help consumers save on unnecessary premiums

Life insurance startup Ethos leverages artificial intelligence to predict users’ life expectancies. Customers are not required to undergo a medical examination to apply; they simply answer a ten-minute questionnaire about their health and medical history. Ethos then issues a personalized monthly payment and coverage plans, helping individual customers save on unnecessary premiums.

Home Luko prevents home accidents and the need to file a claim using smart sensor kit

Home insurance startup Luko uses sensors, data, and machine learning to prevent home accidents. Insurees receive free and optional tracking sensors to be placed at the three common causes of insurance claims: water pipes, front door, and electricity meter. The sensors then detect and alert users of unusual activities, such as when doors are unclosed or when an electronic device has been left on longer than usual. Users can easily monitor their homes, access data from the sensors, and glance over weekly summaries through Luko's mobile app.

Innovation Vitraya enables risk-free real-time payouts with tech-enabled solutions

Indian technology company Vitraya Technologies leveraged cutting-edge technologies to build a solution that enables automated, real-time payouts and claim settlement for healthcare providers and insurers. The solution consists of AI-assisted documentation, smart contracts, and blockchain architecture, which allows for claims to be settled with microseconds and zero-risk of fraud.

Technology Anthem’s blockchain-backed app helps consumers control their own health data

Health insurance company Anthem piloted a blockchain-enabled feature to help patients securely access and share their medical data in collaboration with insurance company Aetna, healthcare company Health Care Service Corporation, tech giant IBM and PNC Bank. To use the feature, users open an app on their phones and scan a QR code to grant healthcare providers access to their health records instantly for a limited amount of time. After the appointment is over, users have the option to revoke access.

Post Purchase Service & Support Amazon lets Alexa users easily access and manage their own health-related information

Tech giant Amazon teamed up with six healthcare providers and companies to leverage voice technology to seamlessly allow customers to access some of their personalized medical information via Alexa-enabled devices. With this new feature, users can also manage healthcare-related needs from booking a medical appointment to accessing hospital post-discharge instructions. For example, customers of pharmacy benefit company Express Scripts can check the status of their prescription delivery, while customers of digital health company Livongo can ask about their blood sugar reading.

Fashion & Apparel The Chillhouse Is Building An Omnichannel Self-Care Brand For Today's Wellness Set

Spotlit in our New York Retail Innovation Guide for 2020, this modern spa and wellness brand focused on self-care mixes media with ecommerce and IRL oases