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How to Advertise & Deliver Brand Engagement in the Metaverse

This PSFK Guide is a metaverse brand and advertising strategy report on the ways pioneering companies can reimagine their brand experience through the lens of six trend-led metaverse strategies.

Executive Summary

The metaverse represents an emerging and exciting channel to connect younger, digitally-savvy consumers to brands, their products and values – but brands need to approach virtual spaces with a mix of creativity and common sense. For example, millions of people in virtual environments today are primarily focused on playing and creating – and researchers behind this PSFK report believe that there is a role for brands as long as they are contributing to this overall immersive experience in a meaningful way.

Report Overview

In this metaverse brand strategy report, PSFK analysts identify 6 key strategies to deliver immersive, interactive and value-driven digital experiences across the metaverse landscape. Specifically within this ‘Brand Strategies for the Metaverse’ report we look at how marketing teams are leveraging platforms for digital advertising and metaverse marketing in order to elevate the brand-customer relationship and enhance the user experience.

What You’ll Learn In This Report

  • You’ll learn how brand personalities like influencers like Travis Scott and even mascots are coming to life in virtual realities to engage visitors.
  • The ways companies are rewarding and engaging their audiences in virtual space with activations that connect them to social experiences, digital items and playable versions of their IP and assets.
  • Instead of focusing on digital billboards, why there’s more value in brands acting as connectors rather than active participants in virtual spaces and gaming platforms.
  • While the metaverse provides unique and imaginative spaces for brand building and storytelling, most consumers still gravitate towards brand experiences that have familiar parallels from the real life world.
  • How brands can host active users in metaverse ‘physical spaces’ for workshops, entertainment, wellness and other immersive experiences.
  • Why simple game-based challenges encourage millions of people to explore brand worlds through rewards and perks.
  • The importance of a metaverse brand strategy for experiential activations that simultaneously take place in the real and digital worlds.
  • How brand personalities like influencers and even mascots are coming to life in virtual worlds to engage visitors.

What’s In This Report?

In this metaverse advertising and brand strategy report, PSFK analysts explain how marketing teams can leverage platforms to elevate the brand-customer relationship through the lens of six strategies.

This metaverse brand strategy report provides:

  • 6 strategies showcasing the opportunities for brands emerging in the Metaverse and Game Worlds
  • 21 best-in-class examples of how brands and retailers are activating in the virtual universe.
    • Case studies from digital marketers at Warner Music Group, Atari, Benetton, Miller Lite, Samsung, Chipotle ,Louis Vuitton, and leading solution providers & vendors identified
    • Examples of include metaverse marketing tactics: product placement, advertising opportunities, real estate, game items, game advertising, game purchases, virtual billboards, user-generated content, social spaces and other opportunities for marketers
  • Quantifiable statistics from a PSFK study of US virtual world users:
    • How consumers appreciate how corporations are trying to get involved with 3D environments
    • When they experience them in a virtual world, why consumers don’t want brands and retailers to be trying anything radically new with their metaverse marketing
    • Why Brands and retailers need to remember US adults just want to have fun when they log into a digital experience.
    • When it comes to meeting other digital avatars or players in a digital space, why users overwhelming preferred people they know
  • Consumer insights into changing behaviors and expectations around the Metaverse experiences
  • After reading this report, brand executives should have enough context to understand a role for brands and develop partnerships with a metaverse company, gaming platform or tech giant.

Experts Discuss Metaverse Advertising & Brand Engagement

This video includes a presentation of key insights in this metaverse brand strategy report plus expert discussion with Liz Bacelar of Estée Lauder Companies and Alan Smithson of MetaVRse.

Who Prepared This Report?

This paper was developed by the same PSFK research department that since 2004 has provided trends-led innovation consulting advice to Apple, BMW, Facebook/Meta, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Volkswagen