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Defining The Modern Luxury Experience Across Brand Touchpoints

For today’s consumer, the definition of luxury is changing; it’s more about enhancing their lives than enhancing their status. Therefore, legacy brands are being outpaced by a proliferation of new players who are better at meeting these changing expectations.

This research paper highlights key insights and examples from within the luxury category and outside of it that luxury industry brands can use in order to redefine how they connect with the modern shopper along the customer journey consumer. From highlighting a luxury brand’s craftsmanship through product transparency to adding value with enhanced service offerings to providing access to unforgettable shopping experiences, new luxury brands are thinking of new ways to engage luxury customers at every touchpoint.

Published October 2018

This report is part of a series that PSFK has published on innovation in in retail and along the customer experience journey. Our reports provide business ideas to corporate members of our research intelligence service. In addition, we provide talks and ideation workshops based on the contents of our surveys and guides. Contact our sales team at or +1 646 520 4672 for more information.