Modernizing The Streaming Media Landscape

As streamed content and digital media have become main sources of entertainment, connection, and excitement for consumers, brands and companies are tasked with finding ways to continue innovating their offerings. While consumers rely on established streaming platforms and media houses to generate familiar and easily consumable types of content, increases in screen time have raised their expectations for personalized entertainment, as restrictions on in-person events have also limited their access to more experiential media. To meet this evolving set of consumer needs, and more importantly, surprise and delight them with new approaches to streamed and gamified content, companies are tapping into new technologies and platforms to create heightened streaming, watching and gaming experiences. 

In this research paper, PSFK Labs explores the ways in which media conglomerates, new solution-providing startups, and streaming platforms are optimizing and expanding the content consumption experience. Learn how companies, brands, and creators are providing consumers with built in social, audio, and informational tools that not only make easily accessible media more interactive and high-tech, but also fill the void left behind by decreases in in-person gatherings. Discover how streamed, digital, and watched media can function as conduits connecting today’s consumers with each other, information, and brands.

Published February 2021

This 11-page research paper includes:

  • An exploration of the ways media companies, creators, and brands are modernizing the streaming experience to connect with and engage today's consumer
  • 5 trends outlining key strategies for creating engaging streamed and gamified experiences
  • Trend-supporting exemplary case studies


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