The Car Buyer Journey CX Debrief

After remaining largely unaltered over past decades, a new and exciting retail journey within the automotive sector is responding to a permanent shift in consumer needs, resulting in automakers and sellers overhauling how they market to, engage, inform and transact with an audience that moves nimbly between online and offline touchpoints. In addition to necessary operational updates, dealers and OEMs are also exploring the post-purchase consumer relationship and creating value that extends beyond the final handoff. 

In this report, PSFK Labs have considered today’s evolving car buyer journey and the emerging CX trends unfolding within these updated shopper stages. While operating within a third-party structure, the ability of OEMs and dealerships to collaborate will be a differentiating factor as consumers seek out omni-channel experiences across all touchpoints along the path to purchase. Within this report, the included trends and curated case studies are meant to act as inspiration for decision makers operating in today’s hybrid automotive landscape.

Published September 2020

This 75-page deep-dive report includes:

  • A look at shifting consumer needs and behavior when it comes to engaging and transacting with auto brands and retailers
  • 30 trending strategies innovative auto industry players can leverage across all stages of the consumer purchase path to provide premium omni-channel experiences
  • 60 best-in-class exemplary case studies


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