Next-Gen Fashion Operations & Business Models

Among the many challenges brands and retailers are facing today, a lack of demand and fulfillment delays have added to an unprecedented amount of excess inventory. Meanwhile, an overwhelming shift to e-commerce has digitally based brands struggling to fulfill orders efficiently, while those without an online presence are finding themselves lagging behind. Agile brands are actively exploring, testing and adopting new strategies to better meet today’s consumer expectations. And many within this segment are placing sustainable practices at the focal point of their brand, as they rebuild their business model. 

This research paper explores how brands are creating agile and transparent operations, placing new value on efficiency and sustainability and offering one-to-one experiences at scale. Coming out of the crisis, the brands who reinvent their end-to-end business models will ultimately be better prepared to quickly and efficiently respond to the next disruption within the apparel sector.

Published July 2020

This 28-page research paper includes:

  • A look at the disrupted apparel industry and how retailers are responding, including stats, quotes & industry insights to support further research
  • 15 trends showcasing the strategies and solutions that innovative brands and retailers are implementing to enable agile and transparent operations, greater efficiency, better sustainability and one-to-one experiences at scales
  • 56 trend-supporting exemplary case studies


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Insights From Next-Gen Fashion Operations & Business Models