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A Guide to Innovative Retail & Service Experiences in NYC

This report is a New York City retail guide for industry leaders to better understand the ways in which brands, retailers and solution providers are using the physical footprint in NYC to deliver innovative retail experiences.

Executive Summary

Whether through new in-store services, expert consultations, or immersive merchandising, retailers in New York are giving consumers new reasons to shop in-person. From Madison Avenue to Times Square and from Bleeker Street to Prince Street, the diversity of approaches that manifest across the city make it the most important hub in the world for anyone looking for inspiration on what’s next in the shopper experience.

Report Overview

Informed by the latest trends research, this new york city retail guide offers industry execs an overview of the most important stores to visit and experience. Whether you’re visiting New York City to check out the stores or reading this from your desk for inspiration, this guide outlines our favorite shops that will help you design tomorrow’s best-in-class retail experiences.

What You’ll Learn In This Report

Retailers and brands invest in innovative approaches in NYC that will inform their corporate strategies and inspire those of us who are lucky enough to immerse ourselves in NYC retail. Each year, innovation research company PSFK develops a New York City retail guide to the best shopping that Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and (even) New Jersey can offer.

A number of themes are covered in this New York City retail guide including:

  • Store as a stage
  • Tech-enabled sales floors and product trials
  • Personalized consults
  • Customization stations
  • Purpose-driven storytelling

Watch a Presentation of the Research plus Expert Opinions

What’s In The Download?

To help our community better understand the ways in which brands, retailers and solution providers are using their physical footprint to deliver innovative retail experiences, PSFK has identified 80 examples of physical retail innovation in NYC and the surrounding area and organized these store locations in an easy-to-use map.

The file will include one PDF report and two PDF summary presentations of the report. The 59-page New York City retail guide includes:

  • 8 trends referenced as pillars of physical retail innovation
  • 80 stores representing the most innovative retail in New York

Who Prepared This Report?

This report on NYC retail was developed by the same PSFK research department that since 2004 has provided trends-led innovation consulting advice to Apple, BMW, Facebook/Meta, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Volkswagen.