Marketing Debrief: Text & Messaging

PSFK Labs’ Marketing Debrief: Text Messaging tackles how SMS, messaging and chat are once again prevalent and even integral to delivering best-in-class brand experiences to customers.

Published July 2015


Pro content Preview

The report includes:

  • 5 Trends outlining the future of text & messaging in customer interactions
  • 15+ Best-in-class examples
  • Supporting statistics 
  • Deep dive articles outlining the most crucial aspects of successful chat interactions
  • Actionable implications for brands/marketers and key takeaways
  • Plus a 25-page full presentation deck


Invite the analysts behind this PSFK report to come and provide a tailored presentation at your office or next conference. We work to tailor our talks to provide context and actionable recommendations for all audiences.

Innovation Workshops

Turn the insights and recommendations found within this report into action through a workshop. Customized specifically for your business' goals, needs and culture, this is a hands-on dive into the ideas and trends in our reports, with a focus on implementing them for your own business or clients. Whether these run from 4 hours to 2 days, your team will leave not just inspired and informed, but ready to take action.


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Report Insights

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