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Real Estate-As-A-Service: Driving Reciprocal Relationships

Faced with rising costs associated with customer acquisition and increasing competition online, many direct-to-consumer brands are looking to physical retail as a way to stand out, drive awareness and build emotional connections with their audiences. Because the barrier to entry remains high, a new type of retail service provider is offering these brands flexible, turnkey solutions for entering physical retail, allowing them to test and refine concepts and products and engage with their customers in new ways.

Within the evolution of retail-as-a-service, the relationship between real estate companies and their tenants is fundamentally changing. As tenant expectations reach new highs, it is no longer enough to just provide a space; real estate companies need to bring more to the table and become actively involved, providing everything from tech infrastructure to high-end design services.

This paper reveals leading real estate-as-a-service strategies that property owners and landlords can adopt to help their tenants succeed and increase their bottom line overall. We discuss how businesses are integrating additive services into their operations, in turn providing a greater B2B2C experience across the board.

Published March 2020