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Rebooting The Travel Occasion

After a prolonged period of uncertainty, the gradual reopening of cities and borders coupled with greater feelings of comfort and safety has spurred consumers to reclaim lost vacations and explore new travel opportunities. With travel once again on the rise, the entire industry from hotels and tour operators to airlines are finding themselves catering to guests with an updated set of priorities focused around purpose, socially-responsible values and meaningful connections. This reframing of the travel occasion has shaped a fresh set of needs and expectations across the entire journey including planning, amenities and activities.

With a larger number of people being able to take advantage of the flexibility of remote work there is a shift towards extended trips and new modes of travel requiring companies to rethink services and business models. Along with taking a new approach to structuring trips and visits, consumers are also looking to travel agencies and hospitality providers for shared purposes around both social and environmental causes. The ability to get away has taken on new meaning with travelers seeking personal enrichment. Whether it’s learning a new skill, reconnecting with family and friends, or focusing on self-care, travel has become more than a break from the everyday. In this report, PSFK explores how companies, localities and platforms are redesigning their services and offerings to better align with consumer preferences and priorities.

Published: July 2021