Reinventing Business On The Fly

The impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on business are deep and far-ranging. As brands and retailers have been forced to temporarily or even permanently shutter their doors, many are embracing innovative and alternative measures to continue their production, engagement and support to their customers as well as to the greater community.

In the face of difficulty, businesses are finding exciting opportunities to not only survive, but thrive, putting future-forward processes and operations in place to ensure their success long-term, even in the face of uncertainty. This research paper explores the powerful pivots brands and retailers are making to create services, products and experiences that meet the quickly evolving needs of consumers in a climate of restriction and crisis, tracing emerging consumer behavior and how savvy businesses are leveraging creativity, agility, technology and resourcefulness to respond.

It is part of the series “Innovating In Crisis,” which dives deep into the innovations driving business strategy, consumer experience and community support during challenging times.

Published May 2020

This 20-page research paper includes:

  • Six trends demonstrating how innovative businesses are leveraging powerful pivots to provide services, products and experiences to consumers during crisis
  • Key consumer shifts due to the impact of COVID-19
  • 40 trend-supporting exemplary case studies
  • Consumer insights and industry stats & quotes to support further research


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