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Retail As A Platform

This is a PSFK digital transformation guide on creating new revenue opportunities by sharing logistics and CX solutions with other brands & retailers.

Executive Summary

At a time of high acquisition costs, supply chain chaos and restricted service to consumers, large retailers have emerged as intermediaries, providing emerging brands and other retail companies with the infrastructure needed to keep business operations efficient and fulfill the needs of customers who are continuously demanding more.

Acting in some way as logistics service providers, retailers are offering value-add services to consumer goods companies and other retailers. By strategically selling to other brands and companies, these retailers as platforms can also build out their own ecosystem and further differentiate themselves from competitors.

Acting as platforms, established retailers are literally a one-stop shop of logistics services and retail solutions that can be used by other retail companies and brands for their own competitive advantage. Think of advertising solutions, product launches and positioning, logistics capabilities, distribution networks or fulfillment centers, and even community investment initiatives – modern retailer platforms have it all. When leveraging these platforms for CX and retail logistics operations, retailers and the brands can exceed customer expectations at multiple touchpoints along the customer journey.

Report Overview

In this report, PSFK researchers explore how brands and retailers can improve the customer experience when they tap into an array of retail logistics solutions and marketing services provided by other retailers as service platforms From advertising solutions, product positioning, logistics or fulfillment centers, modern retailer platforms offer other retailers and brands with significant efficiencies.

What You Will Learn From This Retail Logistics Services Report

  • The different iterations retail-as-a-platform can take, and what drives its growth
  • The positive impact on consumer satisfaction that brands and retailers create when they use these third party logistics and marketing services
  • How retailers, brands across product-categories and consumers each benefit from “Retail-as-a-Platform” structures
  • What aspects of retail logistics and business operations are being outsourced today through the retail-platform model to streamline business processes
  • Case studies from American Eagle, H&M, Ikea, Target, Marriott, Poshmark, PepsiCo, Victoria’s Secret and Zalando