Health & Wellness Retail Guide

The conversation around health has changed. Consumers are looking beyond the traditional medical system to embrace a more holistic view of health and wellness, as digital platforms enable them to take a more proactive role in managing their health. At the same time, they expect more from the products and services they buy and have new standards for convenience, personalized service and transparency.

Through the lens of six industry pillars, PSFK’s Health & Wellness Retail Guide showcases how consumers are looking outside the traditional medical system to embrace convenient, accessible health and wellness solutions through a growing number of retail and service offerings. It is part of a series of reports focusing on retail innovation and customer experience to inspire the members of our business intelligence services.

Published September 2018

The 30+ page playbook includes:

  • Key insights on the new consumer expectations for health and wellness
  • 3 guiding principles for delivering a new integrated model of health and wellness services
  • 6 trends-based initiatives supported by 24 exemplary case studies
  • Strategies for brands across industries to develop synergistic offerings for the health and wellness space
Additional content:

  • Summary presentation deck
  • Link to Retail Health & Wellness webinar recording

This report is part of a series that PSFK has published on innovation  in retail and along the customer experience journey. Our reports provide business ideas to corporate members of our research intelligence service. In addition, we provide talks and ideation workshops based on the contents of our surveys and guides. Contact our sales team at or +1 646 520 4672 for more information.


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Insights From Health & Wellness Retail Guide