The Retail Today Book By PSFK

A Framework To Understand And Monetize The New Customer Experience Journey

PSFK’s Retail Today has been written for any professional involved in the design and delivery of any shopper experience. Whether you are an industry veteran looking for a reference point in a transforming industry, a college graduate looking to understand the mechanics of your first workplace or a solution provider looking to fuel change, this book provides a detailed overview of an evolved purchase path and opportunities that can be leveraged to sell products and services, as well as what happens after sale.

Alongside our easy-to-understand 10-stage framework and trends-fueled ideas, we’ll also share best-in-class examples to inspire creators. The contemplation of and innovation along the customer experience journey is absolutely essential to delivering a differentiated offering in today’s competitive brand and retail landscape. Retail Today presents evolving trends at every stage of the journey, supplying a research-backed toolkit for intuitive, analytical innovation.

Published September 2019


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Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Ethos’ AI-powered personalized insurance plans help consumers save on unnecessary premiums

Life insurance startup Ethos leverages artificial intelligence to predict users’ life expectancies. Customers are not required to undergo a medical examination to apply; they simply answer a ten-minute questionnaire about their health and medical history. Ethos then issues a personalized monthly payment and coverage plans, helping individual customers save on unnecessary premiums.

Home Luko prevents home accidents and the need to file a claim using smart sensor kit

Home insurance startup Luko uses sensors, data, and machine learning to prevent home accidents. Insurees receive free and optional tracking sensors to be placed at the three common causes of insurance claims: water pipes, front door, and electricity meter. The sensors then detect and alert users of unusual activities, such as when doors are unclosed or when an electronic device has been left on longer than usual. Users can easily monitor their homes, access data from the sensors, and glance over weekly summaries through Luko's mobile app.

Health Amazon lets Alexa users easily access and manage their own health-related information

Tech giant Amazon teamed up with six healthcare providers and companies to leverage voice technology to seamlessly allow customers to access some of their personalized medical information via Alexa-enabled devices. With this new feature, users can also manage healthcare-related needs from booking a medical appointment to accessing hospital post-discharge instructions. For example, customers of pharmacy benefit company Express Scripts can check the status of their prescription delivery, while customers of digital health company Livongo can ask about their blood sugar reading.

Fashion & Apparel Storr turns customers into influencers by letting them set up and sell through their own virtual store

Online marketplace Storr allows users to build a virtual store, curate products, and invite friends to shop. After signing up, users create a store by adding products from any brands on the platform. When a product is sold, users will earn a commission, while the brand handles fulfillment.

Brand Activation & Immersion Floyd furnishes select Airbnbs to let customer experience its products IRL

The direct-to-consumer furniture startup Floyd partnered with homesharing marketplace Airbnb, furnishing the homes of some of their favorite properties across the US with Floyd furniture so that potential customers could experience it in a real-life home setting.

Shopper Education & Assistance Sproutt Life Insurance Leverages Its Own AI Index For A More Personalized Customer Experience

Sproutt developed its own Quality of Life index powered by artificial intelligence to assess clients' positive lifestyle choices and match them with life insurance that is hyper-customized and affordable

Wellness Health Connect 360 helps provide personalized healthcare service and encourage proactive measures

Health insurance company Cigna launched Health Connect 360, a service that delivers personalized recommendations and prevents patients with chronic diseases from skipping medication in order to proactively prevent complications. The service integrates data from a combination of sources, digital devices, and AI-enabled analytical tools to allow pharmacists to get a better view of the patients' biometric data in conjunction with their medication and quickly check in with them.

Technology Startup Huckleberry streamlines the insurance management process with an AI-enabled platform

Startup Huckleberry digitizes and simplifies the complex process of purchasing and managing commercial insurance for small businesses via a user-friendly platform and AI-enabled matching feature. Replacing the traditional time-consuming insurance phone calls with an online portal, Huckleberry allows users to quickly fill a five-minute form, receive instant quotes, and seamlessly purchase desired plans. To ensure it meets all the needs required by a small enterprise, Huckleberry is built to work with a variety of coverage verticals from healthcare to beauty.