The Retail Today Book By PSFK

A Framework To Understand And Monetize The New Customer Experience Journey

PSFK’s Retail Today has been written for any professional involved in the design and delivery of any shopper experience. Whether you are an industry veteran looking for a reference point in a transforming industry, a college graduate looking to understand the mechanics of your first workplace or a solution provider looking to fuel change, this book provides a detailed overview of an evolved purchase path and opportunities that can be leveraged to sell products and services, as well as what happens after sale.

Alongside our easy-to-understand 10-stage framework and trends-fueled ideas, we’ll also share best-in-class examples to inspire creators. The contemplation of and innovation along the customer experience journey is absolutely essential to delivering a differentiated offering in today’s competitive brand and retail landscape. Retail Today presents evolving trends at every stage of the journey, supplying a research-backed toolkit for intuitive, analytical innovation.

Published September 2019


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