The Retail Trends Playbook 2021

Retailers today face unprecedented challenges as they respond to the new ways we work, live, and shop. From offering flexible services to creating solution-oriented products and delivering specialized campaigns, machine learning, analytics and other technologies are empowering brands and retailers to understand their shoppers better and deliver differentiated, one-to-one experiences across all retail channels. By seamlessly connecting their people, systems and operations in new ways, businesses are not only more responsive to the evolving expectations of their customers, but are also more resilient in the face of change. Data-led intelligence and digital technology are essential to stay connected, secure and productive in today’s newly formed landscape.

About This Report

The Retail Trends Playbook 2021 is a report by business intelligence platform PSFK in partnership with Microsoft that presents key trends, best-in-class examples and strategies for executing intelligent retail with the aid of data-driven technologies. Supported with expert insights and key analyses of the global retail landscape and consumer needs, the Retail Trends Playbook 2021 will help brands and retailers define their strategic roadmaps.

Published July 2020

This 47-page report includes:  
  • Must-know accelerated consumer needs shaping the retail landscape
  • Four top strategies for digital transformation
  • Supporting actionable steps to take now, illustrated through best-in-class case studies and expert quotes
  • Key questions to guide intelligent tech investments


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