Scaling Concierge-Level Care

As consumers continue to be more involved in their own health and personal care, digital solutions such as on-demand chat and tele-health services as a means to access care are on the rise. These solutions create an opportunity for companies to offer convenient and personalized health experiences both in a remote and physical setting. To augment the consumer experience pre-, during and post-purchase or procedure, organizations are also integrating leading technology—AI, app, chat, video, CRM and connected wearables—into their offerings, allowing for greater insight into consumers’ concerns and personal needs, as well as the ability to better meet new demands going forward. 

This research paper explores the that ways health providers can meet the needs and expectations of today’s hyper-informed consumer who is involved and expects a personalized solution no matter the channel. Focusing on the pre- and post-purchase experience, this research presents how companies can generate not only greater value, but also consumer confidence and loyalty through accurate and in-the-moment support. 

Published October 2020

This 20-page research paper includes:

  • A look at shifting consumer approaches and expectations when it comes to accessing health & wellness-related services, support and care
  • 12 trends outlining key strategies for supporting a high-touch, digital-first health & wellness consumer journey
  • 36 trend-supporting exemplary case studies


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