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What The Shopper Wants in 2022 and Beyond

This PSFK guide is a consumer insights report for 2022 for business leaders at retailer and brand organizations.

Executive Summary

This presentation document outlines the needs and wants of the mainstream shopper today and tomorrow. The consumer trends research is relevant to all decision makers involved in the development in the developing strategies connected with ecommerce, loyalty, store associates, digital customer experience, social media, personalization and corporate responsibility.

Report Overview

In this consumer insights report for 2022, PSFK researchers explore the emerging needs and wants of the shopper today. The contents of this report is based on the persistent consumer sentiment themes that run through PSFK’s library of research on innovation in retail and along the customer experience journey.

What You Will Learn From This Report

  • Why retail must be available where the shopper can be found in real time, in whatever channel they happen to be in — digital, physical, social, virtual.
  • Why loyalty is about being there for the shopper, wherever, forever.
  • Why consumers want access to hyper-informed support anytime and anywhere.
  • How consumers want to discover – and buy – new products in the spaces they already hang out in.
  • Why shoppers want representative merchandising, unique service experiences and 1:1 communication. Every time.
  • How the shopper expects an interaction that respects their data and allows them to control it and the experience it provides.
  • Why shoppers want the companies that they buy from to take a stand and have a role in solving big issues.
  • Where retail will be going in the future in terms of customer service, brick and mortar stores, online sales and digital adoption