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What Are The Key Elements To The Store Experience Today (and Tomorrow)?

This guide is a store experience design report on how retailers can apply spatial experience design and personalized services to enhance the human experience and create a deeper connection in retail.

Executive Summary

Adapt or die has never been more true for the retail industry, specifically with regard to leaders in the brick and mortar space. The rapid acceleration of e-commerce has transformed the entire industry landscape, making it imperative for stores to evolve their fundamentals from the ground up, centering their services and solutions on doing a better job of delivering unique, convenient, and quality experiences. The way consumers shop has likewise been radically impacted by today’s ongoing digital transformation – and as the role of the store evolves, it is mission-critical to meet the new expectations shoppers have around service (i.e. personalization, expertise, immersive browsing). These new tenets of shopper behavior are setting the stage for retail’s exciting next chapter – the evolution of the store experience.

Report Overview

In this report, PSFK iQ researchers analyze how leading retailers are rethinking their entire experience design and offerings by leveraging innovative solutions to cultivate community, boost traffic and dwell time, strengthen loyalty, and successively win greater share of wallet. Ultimately, readers should come away with a thorough understanding of practical ways in which their organization or brand can differentiate itself and best engage tomorrow’s shopper by optimizing the store’s role within their brand ecosystem.

Across the marketplace, innovative retailers are leveraging future-fit technology to create enhanced, blended retail experiences that empower consumers to take greater control of their shopping journey. The sensory experiences and personal connections inherent to the ultimate user experience of the physical store retail occasion can’t be found anywhere else. At every customer experience journey in physical retail – from product discovery to post- purchase support – the most progressive retailers are connecting with customers by layering in brand activations, on-demand access to subject matter experts, and lifestyle programming.

When it comes to developing strategies for the in-store experience, retailers (and the consumer goods companies that are stocked in store) can build for the future of retail by leveraging our framework of a continuous cycle of update and innovation.

A key element in the framework is the Foundational segment – where retail stores need to adapt to emergent CX trends by leveraging technologies to streamline and enhance the back-end of its operations.

In the Engagement segment where retail spaces must support the needs of its customers beyond just the items on their shopping list. Our third segment outlines the strategies for the Responsive Store.

Research Presentation

In this session, PSFK researchers discuss with industry experts how retailers should rethink their entire experience design and offerings by leveraging innovative solutions in order to cultivate community, boost traffic and dwell time, strengthen loyalty, and successively win greater share of wallet.

What Advice for Retailers & Brands Is Included In This Report?

  • How to create value-driven interactions with shoppers on a personal, human level by delivering unique, convenient, and rewarding experiences.
  • How to leverage customer engagement tools as a crucial part of business growth strategies.
  • How advancements in intelligent technology are making both the customer and employee experience easier and faster, enabling an even greater sense of instant gratification and a streamlined shopping experience.
  • How to engage tomorrow’s shopper by optimizing the store’s role, leveraging next-generation solutions to generate new revenue streams, cultivate brand community, boost traffic and dwell time, and strengthen consumer loyalty.
  • How the evolution of physical spaces can excite consumers through enhanced convenience, 1:1 personalization, and powerful operational efficiencies.
  • What opportunities the future of immersive and spatial experience design holds for your organization and its consumer audience.
  • A list of the major solution providers defining the Future of Retail

Who Prepared This Store Experience Design Report?

This retail industry trends research paper has been developed by the same researchers and analysts who help the world’s leading companies (inc. Nike, Google & Samsung) understand key drivers and activate powerful trends. PSFK researchers help companies that include Nike, Google & Samsung with their sector-leading market research platform and bespoke trends research and innovation consulting.