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What Are The New Ideas in the Cannabis & Psilocybin Sectors?

Executive Summary

The studied benefits of cannabis are increasingly well documented, and the research on mushrooms is not far behind. Coupled with the fact both are natural products, they are complimentary additions to the booming trend towards holistic health and wellness solutions.

Whether it’s products with THC (the component associated with ‘getting high’) or CBD (a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that still provides health benefits), cannabis users report an array of benefits, from physical to mental. Since cannabis products have garnered mainstream appeal, a set of best practices and approaches for marketing and selling both cannabis and psilocybin have begun to emerge.

Saks Fifth Avenue, the well known luxury American department store, is already selling a range of CBD products, from independent to commercial brands. With a mainstream retailer like Saks paving the way, it sends the signal that other wellness CBD products are here to stay, in whatever way feels authentic to the existing brand portfolio.

Mushrooms are undergoing a growing appeal too, and they are increasingly being incorporated into daily routines. These experiences incorporate psilocybin-based mushrooms (the strain that causes psychedelic experiences) to other, non-psychoactive forms of the fungi (such as Reishi mushroom powder).

As cannabis- and psilocybin-infused products move from back rooms to store display cases, PSFK recognizes that the industry has evolve past its initial hype cycle, creating an opportunity for brands and retailers that are breaking into this space to lay the groundwork and set industry standards across product, innovation and customer experience. For companies that operate outside of this section, there is inspiration to be found in the innovative approaches to the business of stimulation.

Report Identifies New Trends In Cannabis & Mushrooms

Within their new report, the Business of Stimulants, PSFK iQ researchers dive into details about cannabis and mushrooms, from the demystification of their psychoactive consumption to ways in which brands and retailers have started to implement non-active versions of both into their existing product lines and strategies. With cannabis a lot further along the phases of experimentation than mushrooms and additional psychoactive substances, a lot can be learned from the leading brands that have successfully entered this space.

What Retailers & Brand Executives Will Learn From This New Report

    • Design strategies and suggestions for brands looking to experiment within the CBD/THC space
    • How the power of influencers is driving a drop-like mentality across cannabis product launches
    • How cannabis and mushrooms have become a main fixture across luxury retailers, concept stores and local cafes
    • The way industries like travel and hospitality are tapping into the cannabis and mushroom space
    • How brands and retailers are delivering educational content alongside stimulant products
    • Our team’s prediction of the future for both cannabis and mushrooms, as well as other substances