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The Connected Wellness Experience

A new generation of digitally connected devices, wearables, and software platforms are leveraging consumer data to create intelligent feedback loops and provide users with personalized treatments and recommendations for their physical and mental health, as well as promote positive behavior both in-the-moment and over the long-term. Currently there are just-under two active IoT-connected devices per individual existing in the world, and for any active connected (but not necessarily IoT) device, that ratio jumps to 3 per person. These wellness market devices can be just as unique as the consumers who use them, enhancing various elements of life and human health.

From physical fitness, to emotional wellbeing and mental health, holistic feedback from connected health and wellness devices removes barriers to growth and supports consumers charting out their goals. Gamified motivation, building elements of play and reward-based stimulation into personal goal setting, is made easier by connected wellness products that track progress, and personalized feedback that pushes users to remain engaged supports greater achievement and health benefits. New AI-powered fitness coaching tools and smart platforms provide users with real-time workout monitoring, correcting form and technique and setting personally tailored routines and daily activities.

While moving beyond tracking physiological metrics to include psychological and mood measurements, wearable devices are taking cues like tone of voice, body temperature, and heart rate and translating them into emotional markers to help users stay on top of their personal wellness targets. Emergent ambient health technologies are using smart sensors and AI-powered connected health devices to track sleep patterns, heart rhythms, physical activity and a broad range of daily behavior; providing personalized, actionable personal health insights in both clinical settings and at-home.

Cutting-edge approaches to behavioral therapeutics, leveraging AI platforms and other digital tools to coach and support users along their mental health journey, are helping users break free of old patterns and embrace productive behavioral systems. Similar wellness market innovations are taking place across the medical system at-large, with preventive, proactive, and personalized approaches to treatment and care increasingly combining sophisticated diagnostic testing with holistic lifestyle assessments to help avoid chronic disease and offer bespoke guidance and health benefits.

In this cross-sectional study, the PSFK Research team explores the innovative solutions being adopted across the full spectrum of personalized, data-driven behavioral and physical health experiences. To help our members better understand the trajectories at play in this increasingly important and connected health space, PSFK has identified 6 key trends behind the tools, insights, and approaches consumers are trusting their mental and physical wellbeing with.