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Partnering With Creators & Influencers For Sales & Marketing

This is a special PSFK shopper marketing report that takes a look at the Influencer Marketing landscape. It provides perspectives and implications for brands, advertisers and retailers looking to leverage influencers are part of their go-to-market and community engagement programs.

Executive Summary

Influencers are now an essential intermediary between the suppliers of retail goods, services, and experiences and their customers, particularly Millennials and Gen-Z buyers. For consumers, influencers have taken on a larger role than simply sponsored content on social media platforms, and instead are acting as a trusted voice for authentic recommendations as well as a source for education and information tied to specific passions and areas of expertise. In place of a single type of influencer – such as celebrities and those with a global following – terms including “micro – influencers”, “nano influencers” “genuinfluencers,” “virtual influencers,” and “content creators” point to the subsets that have emerged across social platforms to describe community stakeholders.

As the definition of “influencer” evolves from gathering “likes” to building community, so does the nature of the ecosystem known as the creator economy. For most brands, true success with influencer campaigns comes from an engaged and involved relationship between a brand and a creator. Ultimately, the key for retailers and brands is having an authentic, audience-relevant influencer marketing strategy by partnering with and empowering creators that are directly involved with the agency’s strategic and creative processes.

Report Overview

In this report on the influencer marketing space, the PSFK iQ research team examines the current state of the influencer marketing landscape across the creator economy, diving deep into best practices for influencer content and real examples of innovation as brands seek to partner with influencers and community stakeholders in ever-evolving ways. The influencer marketplace report also provides insights into influencer marketing platforms, social commerce, influencer marketing ROI and influencer marketing budgets.

Ultimately, readers should come away with a thorough understanding of practical ways in which brands can optimize or enhance their existing influencer marketing campaigns or, for brands not already actively engaged in the creator economy, deeper insight into where real opportunities lie for building impactful and rewarding influencer marketing campaigns.

What You Will Learn From This Report

  • What is the current state of the influencer marketing marketplace
  • Why brand and retailer participation in the the creator economy is important
  • How brands are changing their approaches to working with influencers
  • The key trends fueling the influencer marketing landscape
  • How brands can leverage new tools and platforms within the creator economy to improve ROI and performance