The Modern Workplace Reimagined

As businesses and their employees rapidly adjust to an increasingly remote workplace, they must also consider what digital solutions and resources they need in place to support individual and collaborative workstreams, company culture and morale. The COVID-19 crisis has forced businesses in every industry to reengineer core systems and processes, which have traditionally been seen as barriers to alternate work arrangements. Correlating with an unprecedented rate of technology adoption within workforces around the world, a new set of needs has emerged, from remote collaboration and communication to secure access to shared files and applications. 

This report focuses on the ways businesses are powering the next generation of anywhere work and productivity, which can seamlessly take place across physical and digital environments. Through dynamic tools and personal resources, companies are reimagining the idea of the workplace and bringing it to life in both a both practical and emotional context.

Published July 2020

This 20-page research paper includes:

  • A look at the current workscape, including emerging behaviors, challenges and needs related to increased remote employment
  • Eight trends outlining how businesses are supporting remote employees while building future-forward, collaborative digital work environments
  • 35 trend-supporting exemplary case studies


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