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Unlocking the Power of Creator Led Brands

In the ongoing evolution of the economy, it’s now the creator who holds outsize sway in the marketplace. Part budding entrepreneur, part social media influencer and part emerging brand, these individuals are taking advantage of the wealth of digital platforms and resources available to build an audience, market and sell their product (lifestyle, creativity, recommendations or more recently actual products of their own design.) and earn an income.  This ascendency has been further spurred by the recent pandemic, which accelerated people’s collective time online and finally provided many would-be creators the time and opportunity to pursue their side hustle as their main career. 

For the growing number of digital communities and platforms (think Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Substack, OnlyFans, etc.) where these creators ply their wares, attracting and retaining talent has taken on outsize importance, both for their ability to bring in new audiences and drive incremental revenue. As a result, these same companies are rolling out a host of new creator tools and features to facilitate fan engagement, content production and monetization. Similarly, the startup and VC worlds have been quick to capitalize on opportunities to better serve this segment, with emerging attention being paid to offering access to financial and operational resources. And finally, brands are still very eager to leverage creator cache through affiliate marketing programs and product collaborations to reach younger, digitally-savvy consumers.

As many of the popular creators of today look to transform themselves into the brands of tomorrow, this is a must-watch space with valuable insights and disruptive potential.