Technology Debrief: Virtual Reality

PSFK Labs’ Technology Debrief: Virtual Reality takes a broad look into the ways this immersive technology is being used for storytelling and the impact that it will have in sectors such as Advertising, Health, Travel and Retail.

Published July 2015


Featured within this 24 page report, creative professionals can learn:

  • Examining Why VR Will Be The Next Important Storytelling Tool
  • Insight Into How Virtual Reality Impacts 7 Industries
  • Outlined Best-in-Class Examples
  • Perspectives from Leading Experts
  • Plus a 25-page Full Presentation Deck


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Insights From Technology Debrief: Virtual Reality

Interview Virtual Reality's Future Relies on Improved Storytelling - Interview with Aaron Koblin

The Vrse founder sits down with PSFK to talk about virtual reality's bright and not-so-distant future