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PSFK has been guiding leading brands and retailers on what’s next in Retail and CX since 2004.

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A time-tested approach to innovation

Agile. Robust. Effective.

PSFK leverages trends research as the foundation for its consulting work and partners with experts from our network to build the perfect team to solve your business problem.


  • Retail Strategy, Experience Design and Concept Development

    Evolve the shopping experience with help from PSFK.

    We work with brands and retailers to identify retail and CX trends, run competitive reviews, identify opportunities, recommend new experiences and more — all tailored to individual business needs.

    Retail Strategy, Experience Design and Concept Development
  • CX Audit

    Review your end-to-end consumer journey and future-proof your business with PSFK.

    Compare your strategy with retail trends developing along the customer experience journey to better connect with and inspire shoppers.

    CX Audit
  • Store Concepting and Design

    Bring fresh ideas to life, guided by the expertise only PSFK can provide.

    Develop aspirational and functional near-future visions of retail experiences rendered, specced and budgeted for production.

    Store Concepting and Design

Consulting à la carte

Get insight from PSFK’s team of pros in smaller engagements designed to help spark your next great idea.
Solution Builder

Solution Builder

Great partnerships are the genesis of innovation.

Let PSFK research and match you with the right solution providers, start-ups and technologists to help you develop and build what’s next.

Trends Safari

Trends Safari

Get into the latest retail experiences with a curated discovery program

After your in-person innovation encounter, meet with and learn from the brand leaders behind these programs.

RFP Support

RFP Support

Set yourself up for success.