3D modeling

Analysis Amazon, Macy's And More Are Building Home Shopper Confidence With Virtual Customization

From PSFK's Digitizing The Homebuying, Browsing & Mortgage Experience report, here's how three brands are using AI, VR and more to provide customers with virtual previews of their future homes, increasing their confidence and driving sales

Automotive Future Ford Vehicles Could Be Designed In Virtual Reality

The automaker's use of Gravity Sketch VR design is poised to revolutionize the process, enabling designers to not only sketch in 3D but also place themselves inside of the vehicle, enabling more life-like and faster-to-market creation

Fashion & Apparel Custom Clothing Brand Wants To Democratize Tailoring For Women

Poised to establish a world without sizes, RedThread offers shoppers custom tailoring for every item of clothing it sells, and uses 3D models to make sure every fit is perfect

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Customers Can Browse Shopify Brands In Augmented Reality

The shopping site's new features are designed to allow smaller retailers to create richer consumer shopping experiences and drive engagement

Advertising Gatorade 3D Printer Creates Human Figures In Cascading Drops Of Water

The device, created to promote the brand's G Active bottled water, used motion capture and 3D modeling to render bodies in motion in real time

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Virtual Reality Can Now Supply Quick Holiday Getaways

In 'A Piece Of The Universe,' users teleport to relaxing locales and poke around with virtual objects, transforming the notion of a staycation

Delivery & Logistics Amazon Seeks The Perfect Fit Through 3D Body Scanning

The retailer is inviting a group of customers to have their measurements tracked to build out its ability to recommend online clothing purchases

Design VR Visualizer Uses Analytics To Optimize Retail Store Layout

Retailers can map out store updates in VR and track how customers respond to virtual walkthroughs

Health This AR App Makes It Easier For Patients To Visualize Dental Work

Augmented reality helps dentists plan procedures and lets patients see what their new smiles will look like

Cafe & Restaurant How Nike Is Using Augmented Reality To Ward Off Illicit Reseller Bots

When skipping to the front of the digital line is a few lines of code away, brands have to get creative to ensure products make their way to actual fans

Home Interior Design Service Builds A 3D Model Of Your Room

This service uses photos of your room to generate a precise 3D model and fill it with furniture

Retail Carhartt Is Using 3D Models To Quicken Clothing Production

The workwear brand is using new technology to preview how its clothing designs will look and fit

Design Selfie Sculpture Creates 3D Model Of Visitor's Face

'As We Are' appears as a 14-foot human head made from ribbons of LED screens

Fashion & Apparel Roundtable: How The Fashion Industry Has Gone Completely Full Circle in 200 Years

To get some crystal ball predictions for what the future of fashion  holds for PSFK's Fashion Debrief, we turned to a handful of experts