3D Printer

Design Plastic Bottle Connects To Wi-Fi Without Electronics

Researchers have created a plastic that relates information on a Wi-Fi signal without needing additional electrical equipment

Technology DIY Hardware Kit Is Trying To Help People Take The Perfect Selfie

Adafruit has created a device made to give every picture that perfectly even distribution of light it needs

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Airbus Unveils Miniature 3D-Printed Aircraft

The lightweight, windowless drones takes off at Berlin's Airshow

Design This 3D Printer Forms Figures From Flat Paper

The technology can quickly churn out embossed images and even braille for the visually impaired

Technology Micro 3D Printer Produces Hours of Fun

Despite problems troubleshooting, M3D offers easy, entry-level printing for novices

Design World's First Mechanical 3D Printer Is Powered By Gravity

Analog 3D Printer is half machine, half kinetic sculpture

Technology Crafty Device Turns Any Smartphone into a 3D Printer

Idea transforms 3D printing into a mobile and easy-to-accomplish exercise

Innovation 3D Printing Hardware Supplies In SPAAAAACE

Lowe's to send commercial 3D printer to International Space Station

Design Laser 3D Printer Can Cut Wood and Engrave On Sushi

The Glowforge 3D printer works with wood, paper, aluminum, or, yes, raw fish

Design 3D Printing Made Possible By Soil, Seeds, and Water

Print Green creates breathtaking designs out of an endearing combination of materials associated with traditional gardening

Design Giant 3D Printer Loves to "Draw" Furniture

Startup Drawn repurposed a robot arm used in automobile assembly that can now print a sofa in one go

Retail Screwless, Hingeless Eyewear Perfectly Fits All Faces

MONO are personalized glasses that weigh 11 grams and fit all face shapes thanks to power of 3D printing

Technology Enjoy a Unibody 3D Printer for the Price of a Phone

The Tiko—a cheaper, more reliable reinvention of the 3D printer—will make chronic tinkerers smile