Aaron Koblin

Design How to Tell the Best Stories in Virtual Reality, According to Aaron Koblin

In an exclusive interview with the Co-Founder of Vrse, we learn about developing visceral experiences for unconventional markets

Advertising By 2018 We'll Have Stopped Designing for the Screen on the Wall

Will media rooms of the near future be geared toward virtual reality (VR) instead of the TV?

Gaming & Play Virtual Reality's Future Relies on Improved Storytelling - Interview with Aaron Koblin

The Vrse founder sits down with PSFK to talk about virtual reality's bright and not-so-distant future

Design Giant Chrome Browser Floats Above Vancouver's Waterfront [Video]

Vistors can interact with Google's 300-foot textile sculpture

Design Interactive Cloud Sculpture Changes Depending On The Weather [Video]

A large-scale installation reflects real-time climate conditions from around the world.

Work PSFK Is Ready For Design Indaba

We are heading to South Africa for the annual event showcasing the brightest thought leaders and upcoming design talent.

Technology Returning The Human Element To The Age Of Digital Duplication

Clever use of Amazon's mechanical turk reimagines the Telephone game for the age of visual communication

Design eCloud: Experiencing Worldwide Weather In Real Time [Video]

Airport passers-by in California can now experience the weather in Manila, thanks to this remarkable artwork.

(Video) Moving Beyond Knob Twiddling

Eyebeam's Visual Music Collaborative collapses mediums to re-invigorate musical experience.

Advertising Crowdsourcing Album Art: The Johnny Cash Project

Rick Rubin was having a hard time deciding on the visual to accompany the single for Johnny Cash's final album, but Director Chris Milk luckily had an idea that matched the the artist's iconically defiant attitude - perfectly.

Innovation (Event) Artists Team Up With Technologists To Create Something New

Seven on Seven is an event that will pair seven leading artists with seven game-changing technologists in teams of two and challenge them to develop something new --be it an application, social media, artwork, product, or whatever they imagine-- over the course of a single day

Work PSFK Talks With Creative Director Bruce Mau

Earlier this week PSFK met with designer Bruce Mau. Bruce runs the design studio Bruce Mau Design with an interdisciplinary team of architects, writers, graphic designers, biologists, musicians, filmmakers, animators, strategists, and activists.