ABS plastic

Design Business Cards Feature Raised Map of Barcelona

Studioclam designed geographical business cards for Zoom BCN, a Spanish architecture and design blog

Home Z-Shaped Clothes Hanger Reinvents Everyday Object [Pics]

The Gazelle clotheshanger rethinks the old motions of hanging up and taking down clothes.

Technology 3D Printed Car Is Half The Weight But Just As Safe

Jim Kor has created the Urbee 2, a three-wheel, two-seater design that takes 2,500 hours to print.

Design 3D Printing Pen Turns Doodles Into Objects

The 3Doodler enables you to create simple 3D objects using ABS plastic just by drawing them.

Innovation Open Source Design Lets Anyone Create A Cheap 3D Printed Robot

French artist Gael Langevin is building ‘InMoov,’ a humanoid robot, and posting the plans online for anyone else to create it for under $1,000.

Work A Personal 3D Printer

A portable and inexpensive machine allows for easy object printing.