Analysis How Brands Like Spire Health Are Developing Wearable Workout Optimization Tools

Retailers are responding to consumer demand for products that assist them with their health and wellness needs, offering them apparel with tech-enabled fitness tracking and training capabilities

Advertising This Website Plays Music To Match The Rhythm Of Your Heart

Columbia Records came up with RussPerMinute to launch the debut album of rapper Russ

Design Wearable Tracks What You Are Eating Based On Arm Movements

The device from Nippon Telegraph estimates the amount of calories eaten by studying how the wearer moves their arms when eating different foods

Gaming & Play Control This Toy Car With Just Your Gestures

Ultigesture adds a new level of interaction to traditional remote control cars

Design Create Realistic Oil Paintings On A Tablet

Researchers have developed an app that simulates physical fluidity and lighting orientation

Fitness & Sport Connected Dancing Shoes Made To Improve Your Moves

The smart shoes sync with an app to provide interactive dance lessons for all

Health AI-Assisted Toothbrush Helps Teeth Shine Brighter

The device will inform users of how effective their brushing was after each use and presents a report detailing how they can improve

Innovation Autonomous Drone Sees The World Through Smartphone's Eyes

This tiny unmanned copter will take your phone to heights it's never seen.

Step Counter Alarm Requires Snoozers To Walk Around To Turn It Off

The Walk Up! clock app uses a phone's accelerometer to make sure users wake up.

Technology Cat Car Lets Owners ‘Drive’ Their Feline Friends

Created by Sam Brenner for his final ITP project, the device features a steering wheel that controls a laser pointer for kitties to follow.

Innovation Tape An iPhone To A Skateboard To Visualize Tricks & Stunts [Video]

Design team creates an app that can track the movement of professional skaters in real-time.

Technology Camera Records Life Every 30 Seconds

The Memoto is a wearable camera that clips onto your clothes to capture thousands of photos of your day.

Technology Fitness Tracker Knows What Exercise You’re Doing, Calculates Accordingly

Amiigo is a bracelet, shoe clip, and app that can identify how you're exercising from your movements using gesture-based software algorithms.

Advertising Are We Moving Toward A More Natural Future With Technology?

Steve Clayton, the editor of the Next at Microsoft blog, shares his thoughts on the growing trend of Natural User Interfaces.