Access to water

Syndicated Determining Water's True Value In The Supply Chain

With water shortages exacerbating inequalities and causing damage to economies, we must make sure the commodity is properly valued

Advertising Social Enterprise is Key to World's Water Woes and Beyond

Traditional divisions between NGOs, charities and businesses are blurring with new collaborative projects on water

Work Whiskey Byproduct Could Purify Water

Discovered by accident when researching barley husks, a new method will soon remove industrial arsenic contamination from H2O.

Advertising Coca-Cola To Cut Off Suppliers Who Disrespect Land Rights

Drinks firm announces zero-tolerance policy on land-grabbing in developing countries.

Technology Intelligent Pumps Send Alerts When Water Has Run Out

Researchers in Kenya are testing a new device that transmits data on handpumps in areas with scarce water supply.

Design Fifteen Ideas Transforming Life In Africa

From a mobile phone database for dairy farmers to a strain of sweet potato that can help fight child blindness, imaginative ideas that are tackling old problems.

Syndicated Will Meat On Your Plate Become A Once-In-A-Blue-Moon Extravagance?

Water scarcity and food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists.

Innovation In Developing Countries, Are Tourists Taking Clean Water Away From Locals?

Study finds visitors to Bali, the Gambia and Goa use 16 times as much water as locals, causing conflict and disease.

Luxury Is It Possible For Everyone To Have Access To Sustainable Resources?

Is there enough safe water, energy, and land to fuel the whole world without harming the environment?