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Analysis How Brands Like FitBit Are Employing Technology And DTC Services In Pet Health

Pet healthcare brands and providers are engaging a new wave of millennial owners with tech-driven wellness and direct-to-consumer veterinary services

Automotive How Brands Like BMW Derive Valuable Consumer Data Using Reciprocal Exchange

These four retailers are trading rewards and incentives with shoppers in exchange for shared information and invaluable intelligence

Fashion & Apparel Fitbit Partners With Adidas And Blue Apron To Reward Premium Customers

The fitness tracker brand is diversifying its partnerships to enhance how it rewards consumer activity, slated to launch a premium paid program later this year

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services UnitedHealth Online Program Lets Members Keep Apple Watch In Exchange For Steps

UnitedHealthcare is encouraging its customers to maintain healthy lifestyles by letting them "walk off" the cost of an Apple Watch in a digital fitness program, marrying wellness with increasing the accessibility of luxury tech

Health Insurance Agency Offers Clients Rewards For Achieving Fitness Goals

John Hancock insurance is using a reward system called Vitality to encourage its clients to meet fitness goals, capitalizing on consumer interest in health & wellness to incentivize business

Features How Retailers Are Creating Personalized Experiences With Customer Data

To personalize consumer experiences, retailers are creating activations at their physical retail locations to better understand their pain points and provide them with custom-tailored solutions and product suggestions

Wellness How Optimized Ambience Is Helping To Improve Sleep Quality

From IoT mattresses to AI fragrance diffusers, brands are implementing the latest technologies to create innovative products aimed at optimizing people's sleep environment

Children Fitbit Has Made A Fitness Tracker Just For Kids

The health and fitness brand designed the Fitbit Ace for kids and parents to track activity levels, sleep habits and more

Food & Beverage Interview: How Human Trends Have Migrated To The Pet Business

Petrics CEO Ed Hall discusses how wellness and fitness tracking trends among humans are influencing products and services for pets

Delivery & Logistics Wristband Lets Wearers Hear Calls Through Their Fingers

The Sgnl wristband uses bone conduction to allow the wearer to take calls through their fingers, simply by pressing them to their ear

Advertising Crowdsourced Platform Wants You To Help Save Lives With Your Heartbeat

Heart for Heart is an app that's crowdsourcing information on a serious, and often undiagnosed, heart rhythm disorder called AFIB

Design This Wristband Helps The Visually Impaired Navigate With Sonar Technology

The Sunu Band vibrates in response to nearby objects to enable people to feel their surroundings through their wrists

Fitness & Sport Speedo Launches A Dedicated Training Platform For Swimmers

Called Speedo On, it offers personalized training plans, analysis and a social support network

Work How Wearable Fitness Tech Can Benefit A Workforce

PSFK takes a look at how wearable tech is making its way into the workplace