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Analysis How Wearable Fitness Tech Can Benefit A Workforce

PSFK takes a look at how wearable tech is making its way into the workplace

Fitness & Sport Turn Any Wearable Into A Mental Health Tracker

Cognition Kit is a software platform that lets people track and better understand their cognitive states

Fashion & Apparel Emotion Tracking Aims To Bring New Meaning To The Wearable Industry

A research-design lab has announced wristband that explores intersection of mind and body

Design From Aesthetics to IoT Connectivity, Misfit’s Cylindrical Tracker Leads Active Lifestyle [CES 2016]

With a minimalist design and focus on home compatibility, this wearable is designed for the tech-connected fashion enthusiast

Technology VSP Global's Eyeglasses: An Activity Tracker for Your Face

VSP Global makes it possible to track steps, activity time, distance, and calories burned from a pair of eyeglasses

Innovation Activity Tracker Ditches Tech for Aesthetically-Pleasing Liquid Droplets

Emulsion is a simple product that contains colored liquid, which splits and merges depending on the wearer's level of activity

Gaming & Play LeapBand Is Wearable Tech For Five-Year-Olds

The device is a smartwatch and activity tracker for children.

Video Sensor-Laden Soles Turn Sneakers Into An Activity Tracker [Video]

SmartMove can track and identify when the user is sitting, standing, walking, running, cycling, and more.

Work Why The NY Times Thinks Activity Trackers Are Truly Limited

The newspaper's Wired Well section looks into what trackers can and can't do.