Design Self-Adjustable Glasses Let Kids Set Own Prescription

These glasses cut the time and costs of traditional eye doctor checkup.

Artists Trace Real Life With On-The-Go Camera Lucida

The NeoLucida is a lightweight and adjustable drawing aid.

Innovation Bike’s Handlebars Change Position To Adapt To Various Terrains [Pics]

Concept bike 'CERV', which was unveiled last month at the Eurobike exhibition, proposes dynamically changing the handlebars to adjust to different terrain.

Design Band-Aid Changes Color To Tell Users When To Replace It [Video]

Adhesive bandage strips can change shape to better cover the injured area and have a built-in mechanism to show when they are old.

Design Bike Expands To Fit Kid’s Growth Spurts

Orbea Grow are meant to be fun and useful vehicles that children won't have to leave behind.

Design Adjustable Glasses Can Be Quickly Tweaked To Fit Any Face Shape [Pics]

Concept eyewear allows wearers to tailor the frame easily.

Work Fitness Equipment Disguised As A Stylish Living Room Set

The Panorma Fitness Carpet supports sit-ups and strengthening exercises while also functioning as a sofa, table and accessories.

Home Grow Your Own Food At Home In Hanging Spheres [Pics]

The height-adjustable objects have been designed to maximise the use of urban outdoor space.

Design Adjustable Kids Bike Grows With Its Rider [Pics]

New range of bicycles continue to fit your child as they get older, making them more sustainable and economical.

Advertising "Growing" Desk Transforms For Kids' Needs

An innovative children's desk concept provides a functional surface for all kinds of creative activities.