Food & Beverage Adobe's New Tech Can Track Shoppers In A Store In Real Time

The software company's new technology aims to make the supermarket experience more convenient for both customers and management

Brand Activation & Immersion Design Is The New IP

Ashley Still, Adobe's Vice President of Creative Cloud for Enterprise, discusses the central role design and digital experiences play in the success of every business

Design Adobe Brings AI To Photoshop To Save Time For Editors

A new selection tool set to arrive in Photoshop uses artificial intelligence to pick out objects in a photograph and separate them from the background

Advertising Adobe Prototype Improves How Immersive Content Is Edited

The Project #SonicScape prototype helps editors work with 360-degree footage and audio

Design Adobe's Principal Designer Made A Notebook Filled With Creative Prompts

The notebook contains unfinished illustrations to spark thoughts and encourage constant inspiration

Retail Adobe's Machine Learning Helps Online Retailers Create More Personalized Experiences

The Adobe Experience Cloud program used by retailers will help build a personalized profile for consumers while they search for products

Advertising Adobe Digitized Edvard Munch's Brushes So Anyone Can Paint With Them

Everyday people are given digital access to the brush strokes of the famous artist

Technology Adobe Scan Transforms Your Phone Into A Document-Scanning Device

The new app from Adobe makes it easy to turn paper documents into digital PDFs with selectable text

Home Create A 3D Projection Map Of Your Entire Home

The Lightform uses a projector to 3D scope out a room to and display images on top

Technology Virtual Assistant Edits Photos With Voice Control

Adobe has created a voice-activated software to help people manage their mobile photos and post online

Retail Adobe Launches Voice-Synthesizing Technology

Project VoCo provides precise control over audio, even synthesizing spoken word to accuratly emulate a person's voice

Entertainment Adobe Releases Three-Part Documentary Series Made Entirely Of Stock Footage

The collection of high-quality video assets range from live-action to abstract footage, while showcasing the creative process of three different artists

Fashion & Apparel Mock Collection Highlights Soulless Nature Of Stock Photos

Adobe Stock Apparel is a fake clothing line meant to highlight how bland and bizarre free-use images tend to be

Design Adobe's Virtual Oil Paint Simulator Adds Texture To Your Screen

The program allows for 3D drawings to be digitally-rendered in real-time