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AR will streamline work and take us beyond classic collaboration and communication for both consumers and workforces

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As technology for automated vehicles improves, there’s a sharper focus on building a ‘smarter’ infrastructure where they can thrive

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Dan Vesset, group VP for analytics and information management at IDC, tells how cloud-based business analytics support decision-making

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It’s the small things that matter in allowing a high-speed enterprise to stay in pole position

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Music festivals have never been more popular. The experience economy shows digital natives aren’t rejecters of marketing

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The range of possibilities in VR makes it an exciting time for those who are involved in content creation

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Pokémon Go has shone a spotlight on AR, but it’s the fully-immersive worlds of VR and hyper reality that represent the future

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From hammers to tents, the trend to borrow and rent out belongings is disrupting markets

Home Writing On Screens Has Come of Age in Classrooms

Studies suggest handwriting instead of typing improves teaching and learning

Design Expect Holographic Ham as Part of the Future of Retail

Expo 2015 proved an eye-opening event, particularly a vision of what the supermarket of the future might look like

Innovation Transforming Office Buildings Into Urban Farms

As farmland becomes increasingly rare, companies are using LED lighting innovations to turn empty office buildings into farming operations

Advertising How Can Marketers Tap into the Heart of Megacities?

Kevin Freedman says brands can use megacities—which have a population of at least 10 million—to experiment with localization and branch into wider markets

Luxury In the Digital Economy, Reinvention is the Word

Companies that embrace hyper-connectivity to its fullest will find success in the digital economy

Work Data Must Be Cheap and Accessible to All

Data is the oil of the 21st century. It can fuel society and the economy, but the way in which it’s collected and implemented needs refining