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Advertising How Understanding The Power Of Marketing Helped This Brand Strategist Deliver Success

SVA's year-long Masters in Branding program helps strategists and creatives like Phillip Lauria hone their skills while building new understanding of the industry

Retail How Nike Reignited Its Brand With 'Just Do It'

Former Nike CMO Scott Bedbury on how a team of marketers 30 years ago unlocked how one brand could stand for something much bigger, more powerful, more relevant.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel How Agencies Should Adapt To The Expectations Of Modern Travelers

PSFK researchers explore how agencies can inspire a new generation of advertising content that invites audiences of any industry to engage on a deeper level and enter the path to purchase

Automotive Toyota's Magazine Insert Ad Is A Sensory Experience

InStyle magazine's March issue will feature an interactive ad that lets readers get a feel for the Japanese auto maker's new Camry

Advertising Campaign Lets People Use YouTube Views As Currency

This creative campaign had people in the Netherlands uploading videos of them with an Opel car to try and get enough views to purchase one

Syndicated Inside The Booming Business Of Nation Branding

These days, every place in the world wants to market its unique identity—and an industry has sprung up to help put them on the map

Entertainment Campaign Plays A Different Video For Every Minute Of The Day

Slotomania is giving their players a reason to get on the app and play with fun facts every single minute.

Food & Beverage Australian Wine Label Animates 18th-Century Convicts In AR

The app tells the stories of convicts exiled to Australia who are featured on the wine bottles

Design This Company Is Turning Dog Treats Into A Liquid

Slurps provides dogs with something healthy to drink besides water that can help them manage their weight

Automotive Audi Campaign Illustrates Just How Much Phones Contribute To Distracted Driving

The ads aim to demonstrate how using your phone while on the road can warp a driver's perception of the world in front of them

Entertainment Roundtable: Entertainment Beyond The Box

Copa90, McCann NY, Alphachannel, The Other Guys, Wildbytes, Los York, Open Mind Strategy and Glassworks impart their expertise on the consumer culture driving new entertainment trends

Retail Data-Driven Strategy Pioneer: The New Laws Of Brand Loyalty In The Digital Age

Nils Mork-Ulnes, Head of Strategy at Beyond, discusses how loyalty programs require a customer-driven approach that drives engagement through strong brand experiences

Work Siftly Founder: My Learnings From A Year Of Running Siftly

To mark Siftly's one year anniversary, its founder Frank Striefler, explains what the company has learned about connecting the right people to the right jobs