Advertising How Microsoft Is Designing A Visually Persuasive Web [PSFK CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO]

PSFK talks to editors at Bing about driving editorial content through web pages that are both informative and beautiful.

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A new app lets font enthusiasts upload their favorite specimens to a digital database to preserve and share.

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Broken Flowers juxtaposes a destructive aesthetic with the flourishing natural world.

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The creation by California Skateparks at Camp Woodward is over 1,000 ft long and features high head jumps and quarterpipes.

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Students from London's top art school showcase their latest projects and enlighten audiences about the current direction of the industry.

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Woodworker Kino Guerin has achieved equilibrium through creating furniture out of one unique piece of wood.

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A new Tumblr site is dedicated to the aesthetics of extreme orderliness.

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A brilliant new commentary suggests we can learn much about the intent and context of art through online social interactions and planning.

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An ingenious design meets Levi's challenge to create sustainable ways to dry clothes.

Advertising Coca-Cola: The Original Social Construction Brand

At a recent talk, Coca Cola's Director of Knowledge & Insights discussed key macro forces that will shape the next ten years.

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The NY Times looks at the major considerations shaping the entire manufacturing process, from conception to production, in an effort to explain what they see as a missed opportunity for electric cars to redefine vehicle aesthetics from the ground up.