Baby Boomers Interview: The Media Brand Changing The Age Conversation

Ageist's David Stewart describes why the site, dedicated to an aspirational view of people over 50, appeals to readers of all ages

Interview Interview: The Importance of Community Across Every Generation

PSFK's founder Piers Fawkes spoke with Colin Beavan on the PurpleList podcast about productivity, aging and the importance of community

Aging Creatively, Living With Progress

Piers Fawkes of PSFK investigates the value of age as talks to David Stewart of hip 50+ publication Ageist and live-well thought-leader Colin Beavan.

Health Chatbot Helps Terminally Ill Patients Make Difficult Decisions

The End-of-life chatbot assists those with less than a year left to live to make difficult decisions they don't know how to answer with family members

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We sat down with Caregoals founder and CEO Blaine Warkentine to discuss how now is the time for US to finally lead the way to better aging

Design This Company Is Developing Home Monitoring Technology to Assist Caregivers

To help those caring for elderly loved ones, Howz lets users to set up and maintain a custom monitoring plan

Podcast PurpleList Podcast Episode 13: What's Your End of Life Plan?

Caregoals founder Blaine Warkentein sheds light on the best practices to facilitate end of life care

What's Your End of Life Plan?

Caregoals CEO Blaine Warkentine discusses how the U.S. healthcare system needs to do a better job in facilitating end of life care

Advertising Anthropologist & Design Researcher: The Societal Effect Of Aging In Japan And China

PSFK 2017 speaker and The Field Study Handbook author Jan Chipchase discusses how an aging society presents significant societal issues and opportunities for companies in China and Japan

Baby Boomers Matthias Hollwich: 8 Rules To Age Better

In the lead-up to our PSFK 2017 conference, we look back at key speakers from past years.  Architect encourages audience to embrace aging as pioneering life's new adventure

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A drug in the clinical testing stage could potentially extend people's lives by a quarter

Baby Boomers Powered Clothing Designed To Assist The Elderly

Superflex is adapted from military apparel technology to help the aging population continue to live independently

Technology Breathable Film Acts As A Second Skin

Researchers created a fake skin that aids in the healing process and reduces wrinkles

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Architect Matthias Hollwich will bring a new voice to the conversation around getting old at PSFK flagship conference