Ai Weiwei

Design Ai Weiwei Builds Elaborate Cages Across New York City Parks

Ai Weiwei's 'Good Fences Make Good Neighbors' is a visualization of the political discussion about migration

Design Artist Ai Weiwei Will Build More Than 100 Fences Across New York City

In his biggest public exhibit to date, the Chinese artist is making a statement on the current political climate around immigration

Design Ai Weiwei Addresses The Refugee Crisis With His Latest Art Installation

The piece uses 1,005 life jackets to form a lotus-like pattern on a pool of water

Advertising Ai Weiwei: From Criminal to Art-World Superstar

The Chinese artist talks about how his incarceration helped his career, and why he’s embarrassed about his early work

Home Heroes of Our Time Immortalized on LEGO iPhone 6 Cases

Ai Weiwei makes phone case portraits to call attention to imprisoned and exiled activists

Gaming & Play Ai Weiwei Introduces Handmade Tree To England's Yorkshire Park

The artist hopes to evoke a sense of hope and unity through his new creation.

Video Ai Weiwei Stars In Secret, Crowdfunded Sci-Fi Flick [Video]

Director Jason Wishnow has kept the production quiet for over a year, and is now Kickstarting its release.

Innovation 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Craft beer added to in-flight menus, drones used in investigative journalism and WhatsApp sends 64 billion messages in one day.

Technology Public Art Project Invites People To Share Messages On The Moon

Interactive website lets you join a global community of artists with your doodles.

Design Glowing Installation Floats 3,000 Bikes Above City Square [Pics]

Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square features a labyrinth of bicycles.

Ai Weiwei Skateboards Play On His Greatest Works [Pics]

Limited edition custom skate decks feature wise words from famous Chinese artist

Work Ai Weiwei Invites 100 Architects To Design Homes In Inner Mongolia

Team of 100 international designers comes together to help the famous artist build houses in the remote region.

Design Ai Weiwei’s Spray Paint Gadget Hinders Surveillance Cameras [Pics]

A device that keeps street artists safe from the eyes of Big Brother.

Gaming & Play Ai Weiwei Milk Can Sculpture Takes On Chinese Government [Pics]

Artist takes inspiration from the 2008 tainted baby milk scandal with a newest art piece.