French Social Networking Service Connects Homeless To Aid

Launching in October, "Besoin D'un Toi" helps the less fortunate to find a warm bed to sleep in for the night

Advertising Mother's Day Campaign Envisions A Future With Robot Moms

A new ad for War Child Canada aims to show that you can't donate motherhood online, but you can simply donate money to help.

Technology Airbnb Creates Permanent Tool For Disaster Victims To Find Nearby Housing

The company turns it's temporary disaster relief into an ongoing effort.

Design San Francisco Creates A Social Network For Emergencies [Video]

The city is testing out a new way for people to help each other and react quickly when disaster strikes.

Home GPS Armband Sends Alerts When Aid Workers Go Missing

With many human rights workers going missing and nothing being done about it, one company is trying to make a difference.

Gaming & Play Fifteen Ideas Transforming Life In Africa

From a mobile phone database for dairy farmers to a strain of sweet potato that can help fight child blindness, imaginative ideas that are tackling old problems.

Syndicated How To Help Africa Manufacture Its Own Emergency & Relief Supplies

Why fly in supplies for people affected by Africa's humanitarian when they could be made on home soil for more sustainable solutions.

Luxury Fred Perry Supports Working-Class Young Athletes In Urban Ping Pong Tournament

Popular tennis clothing line targets young table tennis players from the grassroots as tribute to their humble heritage.

Innovation Sonar-Controlled Glove Helps the Visually Impaired to Navigate

Tacit is a prototype glove that helps the visually impaired navigate by using sonar and tactile pressure.

Home SparkRelief: Creating Community For The Displaced In Japan

Similar to the free accommodation network for travelers CouchSurfing, the recently launched website seeks to connect those affected by Japan's recent disasters with local community members with space to offer.

Work Zemoga Uses AR To Meet UNICEF's Goal Of Connecting Different Cultures Around The World

SCAN AND HELP is a display advertising campaign that uses Mobile Tags to gather donations and form real human connections.

Innovation Homeless 'Get What They Want' To Leave Streets

A study from the UK indicates that a sense of being in control can go a long way.

Design A 3D Printed Map To Guide The Visually Impaired

The HaptoRender project is an innovative method mapping through a tactile instruction method.

Luxury Ants Inspire Rapid Emergency Response Vehicle

To address the increasing number of national disasters occurring around the world, designer Bryan Lee has created the A.N.T.