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Ant Studio created a unique air conditioner that uses evaporation cooling

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Wristify sends hot or cold impulses on your wrist to alter your body's perception of temperature

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Eye-catching design reduces the dependence on air conditioning in hot climates.

Design Portable Pop-Up Hotel Rooms In Shipping Containers

Snoozebox will provide accomodation for performers in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant in the UK next month.

Advertising A New Kind of Sandcastle

The latest innovation in air-conditioning is not only environmentally friendly, but aesthetically pleasing.

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A new cooling technology consumes only a fraction of power as compared to conventional ACs.

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The developing world's booming city developments present a large challenge in reagrds to energy consumption.

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Sun-powered versions of the cooling machines have finally appear in the market.

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Portable air coolers that lower room temperatures at low financial and environmental cost are rapidly spreading in the capital of the Philippines