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Analysis How Brands Like Tesla Are Bringing Owners Closer To Their Pets With Everyday Integration

From PSFK's Engaging Millennial Pet Owners report, here's how innovative brands are helping make pets a part of everyday life, from cat-calming car radios to tech-enabled dog houses

Advertising LG Brings Free Drop-Off Laundry Service To Bonnaroo Music Fest

LG provides music festival campgrounds with 25 washers and dryers, plus a vintage clothing swap

Retail How Brands Can Use Public Spaces To Amplify Their Impact

Companies are contributing ideas for infrastructure and creating spaces that bring people together to make an impact on city life

Design Air Conditioning Unit Works Without Electricity, Only Air And Water

Ant Studio created a unique air conditioner that uses evaporation cooling

Technology Aircon Watch Regulates The Wearer's Body Heat

This smartwatch sends out pulses to trick the wearer's nervous system into either cooling or heating their body

Design Los Angeles Is Testing A Special Paint To Cool Down City Streets

The city of Los Angeles will be testing out a layer of CoolSeal paint on public streets, which cuts down how much heat asphalt absorbs

Automotive Audi Is Developing Solar Panels To Power New Electric Vehicles

The German auto brand is hoping to pave the way for better engineered electric cars

Home This Air Conditioner Cools The Room Based On Artificial Intelligence

Mitsubishi Electric has announced an air conditioner that comes equipped with AI to set the perfect temperature

Retail Why The Data-Driven Factory Represents The Future Of Manufacturing

Technology enables the collection and analysis of data in real time for more efficient factories, as seen in PSFK's Future of Manufacturing report

Home Aluminum Solar Blinds Power Eco-Friendly Apartments

SolarGaps are designed to be a passive source of energy gathering in an eco-friendly home

Design Wall Plant Array Purifies The Air Indoors

A smart wall of plants called Naava could have the ability to constantly provide fresh air

Technology Adjust Your Home Around Optimizing Sleep

The Sleepwise device tracks sleeping patterns and and automatically adjusts other IoT devices in the home to create optimal conditions for a restful night

Advertising Hyundai's 'Mobility Vision' Has Cars Docking With Homes And Becoming Shared Living Spaces

The design study, which debuted at CES 2017, envisions the car as a mobile room to meet a wide range of needs

Innovation Air Conditioning Conveniently Packaged in a Bracelet

Wristify sends hot or cold impulses on your wrist to alter your body's perception of temperature