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Advertising Air New Zealand Is Bringing Augmented Reality Into The Cabin

In-flight employees will be equipped with a Microsoft HoloLens to provide a regular stream of information that will help improve interaction with travelers

Air New Zealand Films New Safety Video In The Outback

Featuring outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls, NZ Air attempts to get people to pay attention during the flight.

Advertising Air New Zealand Sends Singles On In-Flight Blind Dates

The airline partners with The Guardian for 'Blind Gate,' a twist on the classic dating game.

Advertising Air New Zealand Creates Hobbit-Inspired Safety Video

Tying in with The Unexpected Journey movie release, the airline has revamped its standard video with a Middle-earth theme.

Home Air New Zealand Launces A Clue-Style Competition To Find Out Who 'Killed' Their Mascot

In partnership with toy and board-game company Hasbro, the airline announced the untimely end of 'Rico' and sent fans on the hunt for the celebrity killer.

Design Air New Zealand Staff Pick Their Uniform From The Clothes Hangar [Pics]

New Zealand designers create outfitters specifically for airline staff, which provides tips on grooming, make-up and presentation.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Air New Zealand's Sky Couches

The first eleven rows of Air New Zealand’s economy class will now contain 22 “sky couches."