air pollution

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Luxury Building In NYC Has A Facade That Counters Air Pollution

Air-purifying technology is a major component of a new high-rise at 570 Broome in New York's SoHo, which claims to clear pollution as effectively as 500 trees

Installation Has Guests Breathe The Air Pollution Of Different Cities

Artist Michael Pinsky is using the visceral experience to wake people up to the problem of air pollution

Automotive Goodyear Sustainable Tire Concept Has Moss Growing Inside

Living plants in this concept tire's interior perform photosynthesis for a greener ride

Advertising Billboard Uses Air Pollution To Display A Message

Peruvian natural gas company Calidda highlights environmental issues with an interactive urban ad

Food & Beverage Polluted Air Is Being Turned Into Sustainable Fish Food

Farmed fish could soon be eating feed made from excess carbon dioxide in the air

Design Stroller Mounted Air Filter Creates A Protective Bubble Around Babies

This baby fan filter will help protect young children from airborne pollutants

Children This Toy Tracks Air Pollution Around A Child

A concept product called the Urban Canary allows parents to monitor the quality of air around their children

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Filter Polluted Air Just By Riding A Bike

Designer Daan Roosegaarde imagined a unique solution to China's pollution woes

Advertising London Billboard Illustrated With Polluted Air Ink

Anirudh Sharma from the MIT Media Lab has extracted soot from the air and mixed it with ink for artists to use

Health Colorful Pollution Mask For Kids Highlights Bleak Environmental Reality

The Woobi mask, launching in China, is easy for kids to use themselves

Technology Real-Time Map Tracks Air Pollution In Cities

Breezometer has created an interactive tool that measures particulates around the world

Fashion & Apparel Stylish Scarf Doubles As A Smog Filter For Urbanites

Wair provides a fashionable alternative to medical face masks in air-polluted cities

Technology Small Device Provides A Daily Forecast For Pollution

FLOW monitors air quality in your environment and predicts air particulate levels in other cities

Health This Inhaler Combats The Negative Effects Of Air Pollution

German medical device company Bitop is looking for a new way to protect at-risk populations, particularly in countries with developing industry